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Fantasy Overwatch Player Spotlights: Stage 2 – Week 1

Jon Gilbert / February 21, 2018
📷: Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch League Fantasy Picks
Stage 2 Week 1

First, a little background. I’m a sucker for Fantasy Sports. A former fantasy football league champion, and over a decade managing a roto-style fantasy baseball team, I live for this stuff. My Blue Jays franchise mode in MLB The Show 17 is in the year 2058 and has been the franchise I’ve continued since the debuted the feature in the game. Naturally, with Overwatch League and the amazing folks over at Winstons Lab, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Fantasy Overwatch. Stage 1 week 4 I finished 27th out of 1412 participants. Stage 1 week 5 I had the joy of watching some of my players not play or be substituted out and it cost me with a finish of 687 out of 1170 participants. With this in mind, my biggest takeaway from stage 1 fantasy is finding consistent players is key. With Stage 2 getting ready to rumble, here are my top player spotlight picks for this week.

My lineup:

Support Spotlight: Sleepy

I love Sleepy and have since the start of the league. A virtual unknown, coming from the top ranks of competitive overwatch leaderboards. Logging some of the top minutes played for supports gives you much-needed team stability and a great mid-tier option. Winstons Lab at the time of this writing has his rating on Zenyatta at 1181, number 3 overall as far as Zenny play goes. The man can game out. In stage 1, he was top 25% player performer in 4 separate matches (he had 4 matches with a rating of 1150 or better). With a strength of schedule rank of 14 best amongst all other Zenny players, he’s poised to get more opportunities to shine. He’ll match up against the LA Gladiators and a Seoul team looking to redeem themselves this week.

DPS Spotlight: DreamKazper

As a Boston Uprising fan myself, it’s hard for me to keep some bias out of some players who I like to watch on my team. But DreamKazper has legitimately been a beast in stage 1. He is the key cog to the Boston Uprising dive, the damage dealer. We had the pleasure of seeing many deaths from above with his Genji blades, or reigning justice on Pharah, or Widow, or Mccree, or… do you see the trend here? This dude’s hero pool is more like a lake. He’s had some tremendous performances, including a match VS the Mayhem in stage 1 where he racked up 53 kills and only 21 deaths, a 1143 rating. However, his real value comes in the form of consistency. Being a core part of what Boston does each match means his playing time will continue to come, making him a solid DPS filler on your squad. Boston will match up versus Philadelphia who they’ve already beaten once this year, and a huge rematch on Saturday versus Houston.

Tank Spotlight: NotE

Yes – I know – another Boston player, but hear me out. NotE hasn’t been on fire, he’s literally melted through the Earth into the core and henceforth will be known as magma-man. His ratings the past 4 matches of the stage 1 were: 1208 VS Houston, 1248 VS Philly, 1222 VS LA Valient, and 1387 VS LA Gladiators. That’s 4 top 25% games in a row. Since inserting NotE into the lineup Boston has absolutely rolled, and it’s clear he is making a difference. Compared to the preseason, he looks like a different player and for fantasy purposes, it’s worth riding the top 25% player streak for the start of stage 2 until proven otherwise.

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